Check out the top 2017 travel trends!

So, 2017 is almost over and according to there have been 5 travelling trends that have changed the tourism industry. Do you identify with any of these?

  1. «Bleisure» Boom. this is defined as mixing your business travel with pleasure. Communities such as Airbnb are making it easier for travelers to have accessible options in order to stay more time in the place they are visiting.
  2. Local travel. Millennials are travelling to destinations within their countries. Basically, they are becoming ambassadors; showing with pride landscapes, food and culture from their home town.

Lago Suchitlá

3. No more travel agents. Since people have access to different booking platforms, it is easier to become your own travel agent.

4. Solo travel.   This trend has become more popular among women. I´ve personally tried it and let me tell you it´s quite an experience! Independent travel allows you to learn more about yourself and view thing form a different perspective.

5. Ecotourism. Travelers are now looking for sustainable experiences; such as, camping when they go to remote locations. As a consequence, more and more countries are preparing themselves to receive more eco tourists.

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