Travel: a tool for personal growth

I don´t know about you, but in my case, travelling has a great significance. Besides being a state of freedom; it´s actually a moment that can teach me more about myself, pushing me into the limits by trying new things and to learn and understand more about other cultures.

One of my favorite moments while travelling is when you´re going either by train, bus, car, boat or airplane to that place that you´ve probably seen only in pictures or at a movie. Besides the expectancy that you might feel, it´s also a precious time to meditate, to make an introspection of your life.

While you´re away from home, you tend to be more social, more adventurous, more enthusiast about the beauty of the world. Suddenly, you feel like every minute of your life counts more than gold.

Sometimes, you come back from a trip with new resolutions, with a motivation of removing something that it´s an obstacle to your personal growth. Take a few days off during the year, and go somewhere; even if it´s to the nearest beach. Just, go!

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